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date Sun, 30 Oct 2011 22:14:23 -0200
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from flask import Flask, _request_ctx_stack
from flask import current_app as app
from flask import g as flaskg
from flaskext.script import Command, Option

from MoinMoin import user
from import before_wiki
from MoinMoin.util.clock import Clock

class MoinShell(Command):
    Runs a Python shell inside Flask application context.

    :param banner: banner appearing at top of shell when started
    :param make_context: a callable returning a dict of variables
                         used in the shell namespace. By default
                         returns a dict consisting of just the app.
    :param use_ipython: use IPython shell if available, ignore if not.
                        The IPython shell can be turned off in command
                        line by passing the **--no-ipython** flag.

    banner = u'Objects "flaskg" and "app" is in context.'

    description = 'Runs a Python shell inside Flask application context.'

    def __init__(self, banner=None, make_context=None, use_ipython=True):

        self.banner = banner or self.banner
        self.use_ipython = use_ipython

        if make_context is None:
            def make_context():
                return dict(app=app, flaskg=flaskg)

        self.make_context = make_context

    def get_options(self):

        return (
                       default=not(self.use_ipython)), )

    def get_context(self):
        Returns a dict of context variables added to the shell namespace.

        return self.make_context()

    def run(self, no_ipython):

        Runs the shell. Unless no_ipython is True or use_python is False
        then runs IPython shell if that is installed.
        context = self.get_context()
        if not no_ipython:
                # IPython < 0.11
                import IPython
                sh = IPython.Shell.IPShellEmbed(banner=self.banner)
                sh(global_ns=dict(), local_ns=context)
            except ImportError:
                # IPython = 0.11
                import IPython
                sh = IPython.embed(banner2=self.banner, user_ns=context)

        code.interact(self.banner, local=context)