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# create a virtual environment in directory $DIR/
# set PYTHON environment variable to change the python version
# set DIR environment variable to change the virtual env directory
# set VIRTUALENV environment variable to change the virtualenv command
# for example: PYTHON=/usr/bin/pypy DIR=env-pypy ./quickinstall
# needs: virtualenv, pip


# if DIR is not given, use ./env
if [ -z "$DIR" ]; then

# find the right python version
if [ -z "$PYTHON" ]; then
    for PYTHON in python{2.7,2.6,2,}; do
        hash $PYTHON 2>&- && break

# find the right virtualenv version
if [ -z "$VIRTUALENV" ]; then
    for VIRTUALENV in virtualenv{2.7,2.6,2,}; do
        hash $VIRTUALENV 2>&- && break

$VIRTUALENV --no-site-packages --python $PYTHON $DIR || exit 1

source $DIR/bin/activate || exit 1

# first install babel, moin's will emit a warning if it is not there
pip install --download-cache=$DLC babel || exit 1

# "install" moin2 from repo to the env, this will also install required python
# packages from pypi. we do this LAST, so that breakage is better visible.
pip install --download-cache=$DLC -e . || exit 1

# compile the translations
python compile_catalog --statistics || exit 1