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Solves issue #425 Renamed basic.less and main.styl files to a common name theme.less/theme.styl to get a uniformly named theme.css across all themes and made changes to use new names accordingly. Also merged custom.less in basic theme into theme.less as there was no reason to keep an extra less file.
author Ajitesh Gupta <>
date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 19:53:07 +0530
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//moin2 modernized theme - blog css

// color have been used from the color palette
@import "color_palette"

    margin 1em 0 -1em 0

    display table
    width 100%

    padding 0 2em 0 0
    display table-cell
    width 80%

    display table-cell
    width 20%

    font-size 1.6em

    font-size 0.8em
    color footer_color

    font-size 0.8em
    color footer_color
    padding 0em 1em
    border border_style

    font-size 0.8em
    margin 0
    float right

    list-style none
    display inline
    margin 0
        display inline
            content ","

ul.moin-blog-entry-tags li:last-child
        content ""