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Server options

There are basically 2 things needing configuration:

* the web server (IP address, port, hostname, ...)
* the MoinMoin wiki engine (how the wiki behaves)

Builtin Web Server (easy)
Moin comes with some simple builtin web server (provided by werkzeug), which
is suitable for development, debugging, personal and small group wikis.

It is not made for serving bigger loads, but it is easy to use.

To start moin using the builtin web server, just run "moin".

If you'ld like to see all subcommands and options of the moin command, use::

 $ ./moin help
 $ ./moin moin --help


 $ ./moin moin --config /srv/wiki/ --host --port 7777

Use an absolute path for the!

.. todo::

   add stuff above to man page and reference man page from here

External Web Server (advanced)
We won't go into details about this, because every web server software is
different and has its own documentation (please read it). Also, in general,
server administration requires advanced experience with the operating system,
permissions management, dealing with security, the server software, etc.

What you need to achieve is that your web server can talk to a WSGI
application. General infos about WSGI can be found on

For example, for Apache2 there is mod_wsgi, which is a very good choice and
has nice own documentation, see

If your web server can't directly talk via WSGI to moin, you maybe want to use
some middleware like flup translating fastcgi, ajp, scgi, cgi to WSGI.
Avoid using cgi, if possible, it is SLOW.
Flup also has its own docs, see

test.wsgi first
The first thing you should get working is the `test.wsgi` we provide. Make
sure it works with your server setup (it will emit some infos about your
server / setup).

If `test.wsgi` does not work, you are *not* having a moin problem,
but a problem with your web server (or flup middleware, in case
you use it) or permissions issues or some generic server administration
problem. Please read the appropriate documentation then and after `test.wsgi`
works, please return to here.

moin scripts next
OK, so if you got `test.wsgi` working, you'll easily get the moin WSGI app
working, too. Please read the contents of the moin script you want to use,
there might be something you need to adapt to your setup (e.g. pathes to fix).

For Apache2 + mod_wsgi, use `moin.wsgi` (you can also use it as a starting
point for other servers maybe).

If you want to use the `flup` approach, start from `moin.fcgi`.

.. todo:

   Likely moin.fcgi needs testing / fixing.

If it starts doing something else than Server Error 500, please proceed to
MoinMoin configuration.

Otherwise, read your web server error log files.