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date Sat, 30 Apr 2011 18:54:05 +0200
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# Copyright: 2008 MoinMoin:BastianBlank
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

MoinMoin - Link converter

Expands all links in an internal Moin document, including interwiki and
special wiki links.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division

from flask import g as flaskg

from MoinMoin.util.interwiki import resolve_interwiki, join_wiki
from MoinMoin.util.iri import Iri, IriPath
from MoinMoin.util.mime import Type, type_moin_document
from MoinMoin.util.tree import html, moin_page, xlink, xinclude
from MoinMoin.wikiutil import AbsItemName

class ConverterBase(object):
    _tag_xlink_href = xlink.href
    _tag_xinclude_href = xinclude.href

    def handle_wiki_links(self, elem, link):

    def handle_wikilocal_links(self, elem, link, page_name):

    def handle_wiki_transclusions(self, elem, link):

    def handle_wikilocal_transclusions(self, elem, link, page_name):

    def __init__(self, url_root=None):
        self.url_root = url_root

    def __call__(self, *args, **kw):
        Calls the self.traverse_tree method
        # avoids recursion for this method
        # because it is also called in subclasses
        return self.traverse_tree(*args, **kw)

    def traverse_tree(self, elem, page=None,
            __tag_page_href=moin_page.page_href, __tag_link=_tag_xlink_href,
        Traverses the tree and handles each element appropriately
        if new_page_href:
            page = Iri(new_page_href)

        xlink_href = elem.get(__tag_link)
        xinclude_href = elem.get(__tag_include)
        if xlink_href:
            xlink_href = Iri(xlink_href)
            if xlink_href.scheme == 'wiki.local':
                self.handle_wikilocal_links(elem, xlink_href, page)
            elif xlink_href.scheme == 'wiki':
                self.handle_wiki_links(elem, xlink_href)
            elif xlink_href.scheme:
                elem.set(html.class_, 'moin-' + xlink_href.scheme)

        elif xinclude_href:
            xinclude_href = Iri(xinclude_href)
            if xinclude_href.scheme == 'wiki.local':
                self.handle_wikilocal_transclusions(elem, xinclude_href, page)
            elif xinclude_href.scheme == 'wiki':
                self.handle_wiki_transclusions(elem, xinclude_href)

        for child in elem.iter_elements():
            self.traverse_tree(child, page)

        return elem

    def absolute_path(self, path, current_page_path):
        Converts a relative iri path into an absolute one

        :param path: the relative path to be converted
        :type path: Iri.path
        :param current_page_path: the path of the page where the link is
        :type current_page_path: Iri.path
        :returns: the absolute equivalent of the relative path
        :rtype: Iri.path
        quoted_path = path.quoted
        # starts from 1 because 0 is always / for the current page
        quoted_current_page_path = current_page_path[1:].quoted

        abs_path = AbsItemName(quoted_current_page_path, quoted_path)
        abs_path = Iri(abs_path).path
        return abs_path

class ConverterExternOutput(ConverterBase):
    def _factory(cls, input, output, links=None, url_root=None, **kw):
        if links == 'extern':
            return cls(url_root=url_root)

    def _get_do(self, query):
        get 'do' value from query string and remove do=value from querystring

        Note: we can't use url_decode/url_encode from e.g. werkzeug because
              url_encode quotes the qs values (and Iri code will quote them again)
        do = None
        separator = '&'
        result = []
        if query:
            for kv in query.split(separator):
                if not kv:
                if '=' in kv:
                    k, v = kv.split('=', 1)
                    k, v = kv, ''
                if k == 'do':
                    do = v
                    continue # we remove do=xxx from qs
                result.append(u'%s=%s' % (k, v))
        if result:
            query = separator.join(result)
            query = None
        return do, query

    def handle_wiki_links(self, elem, input):
        do, query = self._get_do(input.query)
        link = Iri(query=query, fragment=input.fragment)

        if input.authority and
            # interwiki link
            wikitag, wikiurl, wikitail, err = resolve_interwiki(unicode(, unicode(input.path[1:]))
            if not err:
                elem.set(html.class_, 'interwiki')
                if do is not None:
                    # this will only work for wikis with compatible URL design
                    # for other wikis, don't use do=... in your interwiki links
                    wikitail = '/+' + do + wikitail
                base = Iri(join_wiki(wikiurl, wikitail))
                # TODO (for now, we just link to Self:item_name in case of
                # errors, see code below)
            err = False

        if not input.authority or err:
            # local wiki link
            if do is not None:
                link.path = IriPath('+' + do + '/') + input.path[1:]
                link.path = input.path[1:]
            base = self.url_root

        elem.set(self._tag_xlink_href, base + link)

    def handle_wikilocal_links(self, elem, input, page):
        do, query = self._get_do(input.query)
        link = Iri(query=query, fragment=input.fragment)

        if input.path:
            path = input.path
            path = self.absolute_path(path, page.path)

            if not
                elem.set(html.class_, 'moin-nonexistent')
            path = page.path[1:]

        if do is not None:
            link.path = IriPath('+' + do + '/') + path
            link.path = path
        output = self.url_root + link

        elem.set(self._tag_xlink_href, output)

class ConverterItemRefs(ConverterBase):
    determine all links and transclusions to other wiki items in this document
    def _factory(cls, input, output, items=None, url_root=None, **kw):
        if items == 'refs':
            return cls(url_root=url_root)

    def __init__(self, **kw):
        super(ConverterItemRefs, self).__init__(**kw)
        self.links = set()
        self.transclusions = set()

    def __call__(self, *args, **kw):
        Refreshes the sets for links and transclusions and proxies to ConverterBase.__call__
        # refreshes the sets so that we don't append to already full sets
        # in the handle methods
        self.links = set()
        self.transclusions = set()

        super(ConverterItemRefs, self).__call__(*args, **kw)

    def handle_wikilocal_links(self, elem, input, page):
        Adds the link item from the input param to self.links
        :param elem: the element of the link
        :param input: the iri of the link
        :param page: the iri of the page where the link is
        path = input.path
        if not path or ':' in path:

        path = self.absolute_path(path, page.path)

    def handle_wikilocal_transclusions(self, elem, input, page):
        Adds the transclusion item from input argument to self.transclusions
        :param elem: the element of the transclusion
        :param input: the iri of the transclusion
        :param page: the iri of the page where the transclusion is
        path = input.path
        if not path or ':' in path:

        path = self.absolute_path(path, page.path)

    def get_links(self):
        return a list of unicode link target item names
        return list(self.links)

    def get_transclusions(self):
        Return a list of unicode transclusion item names.
        return list(self.transclusions)

from . import default_registry
default_registry.register(ConverterExternOutput._factory, type_moin_document, type_moin_document)
default_registry.register(ConverterItemRefs._factory, type_moin_document, type_moin_document)