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URL layout

Above defines the URL layout, where uppercase letters are variable parts defined below and [] denotes optional.
It basically means search for the item field ``FIELD`` value ``VALUE`` in the namespace ``NAMESPACE`` and apply the
view ``VIEW`` on it.

 Defines the namespace for looking up the item. NAMESPACE value ``all`` is the "namespace doesn't matter" identifier.
 It is used to access global views like global history, global tags etc.

 Whoosh schema field where to lookup the VALUE (default: ``name_exact``, lookup by name).
 FIELD can be a unique identifier like (``itemid, revid, name_exact``) or can be non-unique like (``tags``).

 Value to search in the FIELD (default: the default root within that namespace). If the FIELD is non-unique,
 we show a list of items that have ``FIELD:VALUE``.

 used to select the intended view method (default: ``show``).

 The following examples show how a url can look like, ``ns1, ns1/ns2`` are namespaces.

 - ``http://localhost:8080/Home``
 - ``http://localhost:8080/ns1/@tags/sometag``
 - ``http://localhost:8080/ns1/ns2``
 - ``http://localhost:8080/ns1/SomePage``
 - ``http://localhost:8080/+modify/ns1/ns2/SomePage``
 - ``http://localhost:8080/+delete/ns1/@itemid/37b73d2a6c154bb4ab993d0fb463219c``
 - ``http://localhost:8080/ns1/@itemid/37b73d2a6c154bb4ab993d0fb463219c``