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update configuration rst docs and supporting files, fixes #406
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date Wed, 17 Jun 2015 15:36:46 -0700
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
MoinMoin Wiki Configuration - see

This configuration is designed to run moin from a workdir using
the built-in server. Wiki admins who install moin via a mercurial repository rather
than a release package may opt to follow the developer instructions below to
reduce merge issues when pulling updates.

DEVELOPERS! Do not add your configuration items here - you could accidentally
commit them! Instead, follow these steps:

(1) In this directory, create a file containing the following one line of code:

from wikiconfig_editme import *  # enable auto reload when changes

(2) Create a second file named with the following six lines of code:

from wikiconfig import *
class LocalConfig(Config):
    configuration_item_1 = 'value1'  # overlay this with local customizations
MOINCFG = LocalConfig
SECRET_KEY = 'you need to change this so it is really secret'
DEBUG = True

(3) Overlay the 3rd line in by copying any or all of the indented
    lines from "class Config" below.

(4) Customize as needed. Not all customization options are included
    here, read the docs for other options.

import os

from MoinMoin.config.default import DefaultConfig, _default_password_checker
from import create_simple_mapping
from MoinMoin.util.interwiki import InterWikiMap

class Config(DefaultConfig):

    # We assume this structure for a mercurial clone or simple "unpack and run" scenario:
    # moin-2.0/                     # wikiconfig_dir points here: clone root or unpack directory, contains this file.
    #             # the file you are reading now.
    #     wiki/                     # instance_dir variable points here: created by running "./m sample" or "./m new-wiki" commands.
    #         data/                 # data_dir variable points here.
    #         index/                # index_storage variable points here.
    #     contrib/
    #         interwiki/
    #             intermap.txt      # interwiki_map variable points here.
    #     docs/
    #         _build/
    #             html/             # serve_files['docs']: html docs made by sphinx, create by running "./m docs" command.
    #     wiki_local/               # serve_files['wiki_local']: store custom logos, CSS, templates, etc. here
    # If that's not true, adjust these paths
    wikiconfig_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
    instance_dir = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'wiki')
    data_dir = os.path.join(instance_dir, 'data')
    index_storage = 'FileStorage', (os.path.join(instance_dir, "index"), ), {}
    # setup static files' serving:
    serve_files = dict(
        docs=os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'docs', '_build', 'html'),  # html docs made by sphinx
        wiki_local=os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'wiki_local'),  # store custom logos, CSS, templates, etc. here
    # copy templates/snippets.html to directory below and edit per requirements to customize logos, etc.
    template_dirs = [os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'wiki_local'), ]

    # it is required that you set this to a unique, stable and non-empty name:
    interwikiname = u'MyMoinMoin'
    # load the interwiki map from intermap.txt:
    interwiki_map = InterWikiMap.from_file(os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'contrib', 'interwiki', 'intermap.txt')).iwmap
    # we must add entries for 'Self' and our interwikiname, change these if you are not running the built-in desktop server:
    interwiki_map[interwikiname] = ''
    interwiki_map['Self'] = ''

    # sitename is displayed in heading of all wiki pages
    sitename = u'My MoinMoin'

    # default theme is basic
    # theme_default = u"modernized"

    # read about PRIVACY ISSUES in docs before uncommenting the line below to use gravatars
    # user_use_gravatar = True

    # read about SECURITY ISSUES in docs before uncommenting the line below allowing users
    # to edit style attributes in HTML and Markdown items
    # allow_style_attributes = True

    # default passwords are required to be => 8 characters with minimum of 5 unique characters
    # password_checker = None  # no password length or quality checking
    # password_checker = lambda cfg, name, pw: _default_password_checker(cfg, name, pw, min_length=8, min_different=5)  # default

    # optional, configure email, uncomment line below and choose (a) or (b)
    # mail_from = u"wiki <>"  # the "from:" address [Unicode]
    # (a) using an SMTP server, e.g. "" with optional `:port`appendix, which defaults to 25 (set None to disable mail)
    # mail_smarthost = ""
    # mail_username = "smtp_username"  # if you need to use SMTP AUTH at your mail_smarthost:
    # mail_password = "smtp_password"
    # (b) an alternative to SMTP is the sendmail commandline tool:
    # mail_sendmail = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i"

    # list of admin emails
    admin_emails = []
    # send tracebacks to admins
    email_tracebacks = False

    # add or remove packages - see for info about xstatic
    # it is uncommon to change these because of local customizations
    from xstatic.main import XStatic
    # names below must be package names
    mod_names = [
        'jquery', 'jquery_file_upload',
        'svgedit_moin', 'twikidraw_moin', 'anywikidraw',
    pkg = __import__('xstatic.pkg', fromlist=mod_names)
    for mod_name in mod_names:
        mod = getattr(pkg, mod_name)
        xs = XStatic(mod, root_url='/static', provider='local', protocol='http')
        serve_files[] = xs.base_dir

    # create a super user who will have access to administrative functions
    # acl_functions = u'+YourName:superuser'
    # OR, create several WikiGroups and create several superusers and turn off textchas for selected users
    # SuperGroup and TrustedEditorGroup reference WikiGroups you must create
    # acl_functions = u'+YourName:superuser SuperGroup:superuser YourName:notextcha TrustedEditorGroup:notextcha'

    # This provides a simple default setup for your backend configuration.
    # 'stores:fs:...' indicates that you want to use the filesystem backend.
    # Alternatively you can set up the mapping yourself (see HelpOnStorageConfiguration).
    namespace_mapping, backend_mapping, acl_mapping = create_simple_mapping(
        # XXX we use rather relaxed ACLs for the development wiki:
                         hierarchic=False, ),
                              hierarchic=False, ),

    # uncomment and improve block below to enable textchas
    textchas = {
    'en': { # silly english example textchas (do not use them!)
            u"Enter the first 9 digits of Pi.": ur"3\.14159265",
            u"What is the opposite of 'day'?": ur"(night|nite)",
            # ...
    'de': { # some german textchas
            u"Gib die ersten 9 Stellen von Pi ein.": ur"3\.14159265",
            u"Was ist das Gegenteil von 'Tag'?": ur"nacht",
            # ...
    # you can add more languages if you like
    secrets = {
        'security/textcha': 'EnterSecretStringHere',
        'security/ticket': 'EnterDifferentSceretStringHere',

MOINCFG = Config  # Flask requires uppercase
# Flask settings - see the flask documentation about their meaning
SECRET_KEY = 'you need to change this so it is really secret'
# DEBUG = False # use True for development only, not for public sites!
# TESTING = False
# PERMANENT_SESSION_LIFETIME = timedelta(days=31)
# LOGGER_NAME = 'MoinMoin'
# config for flask-cache:
# CACHE_TYPE = 'filesystem'
# CACHE_DIR = '/path/to/flask-cache-dir'