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Improved UI of Blog Items in foobar theme and also displayed Itemviews in blog view in the same theme
author Saurabh Kathpalia <>
date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 13:19:16 +0530
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line wrap: on
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// moin2 foobar theme - blog css

// color have been used from the color palette
@import "color_palette"

    font-size 1.6em

    font-size 0.8em
    color footer_color
    margin 1em 0

    font-size 0.8em
    color footer_color
    margin 1em 0
    padding 0em 1em
    border border_style

    margin 1em 0

    font-size 0.8em
    float right

    margin 1em 0

    list-style none
    display inline
    margin 0
        display inline
            content ","

ul.moin-blog-entry-tags li:last-child
        content ""

    border 2px solid #d6d5d0
    padding-left 10px
    padding-right 10px
    padding-bottom 10px
    border-radius 10px
    background-color #e8e8e8

.blog-entry h1
    border-bottom none
    margin: 0.10em

    margin 1em 0 -1em 0
    font-size 20px
    padding-bottom 20px

#moin-blog-content h1 a
    text-decoration none
    font-size 30px