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Move blog templates to a separate 'blog' directory. Split 'blog_layout' into two parts, 'layout' and 'utils'.
author Pavel Sviderski <>
date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 22:42:59 +0200
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# Copyright: 2012 MoinMoin:PavelSviderski
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

MoinMoin - Blog itemtype

import time
from datetime import datetime

from flask import request, abort
from flask import g as flaskg
from flask import current_app as app

from whoosh.query import Term, And, Prefix, DateRange

from MoinMoin.i18n import L_
from MoinMoin.themes import render_template
from MoinMoin.forms import OptionalText, Tags, DateTime
from import AccessDenied
from MoinMoin.constants.keys import NAME, NAME_EXACT, WIKINAME, PTIME, TAGS
from MoinMoin.items import Item, Default, register, BaseMetaForm

ITEMTYPE_BLOG_ENTRY = u'blogentry'

class BlogMetaForm(BaseMetaForm):
    supertags = (Tags.using(label=L_('Supertags (Categories)'))
                 .with_properties(placeholder=L_("Ordered comma separated list of tags")))

class BlogEntryMetaForm(BaseMetaForm):
    summary = (OptionalText.using(label=L_("Title"))
               .with_properties(placeholder=L_("One-line title of the blog entry")))
    ptime = DateTime.using(label=L_('Publication time (UTC)'), optional=True)

class Blog(Default):
    itemtype = ITEMTYPE_BLOG

    class _ModifyForm(Default._ModifyForm):
        meta_form = BlogMetaForm
        meta_template = 'blog/modify_main_meta.html'

    def do_show(self, revid):
        Show a blog item and a list of its blog entries below it.

        If tag GET-parameter is defined, the list of blog entries consists only
        of those entries that contain the tag value in their lists of tags.
        # for now it is just one tag=value, later it could be tag=value1&tag=value2&...
        tag = request.values.get('tag')
        prefix = + u'/'
        current_timestamp = int(time.time())
        terms = [Term(WIKINAME, app.cfg.interwikiname),
                 # Only sub items of this item
                 Prefix(NAME_EXACT, prefix),
                 # Filter out those items that do not have a PTIME meta or PTIME is in the future.
                 DateRange(PTIME, start=None, end=datetime.utcfromtimestamp(current_timestamp)),
        if tag:
            terms.append(Term(TAGS, tag))
        query = And(terms)
        revs =, sortedby=[PTIME], reverse=True, limit=None)
        blog_entry_items = [Item.create(rev.meta[NAME], rev_id=rev.revid) for rev in revs]
        return render_template('blog/main.html',

class BlogEntry(Default):
    itemtype = ITEMTYPE_BLOG_ENTRY

    class _ModifyForm(Default._ModifyForm):
        meta_form = BlogEntryMetaForm
        meta_template = 'blog/modify_entry_meta.html'

        def from_item(cls, item):
            form = super(BlogEntry._ModifyForm, cls).from_item(item)
            # preload PTIME with the current datetime
            if not form['meta_form']['ptime']:
            return form

    def do_show(self, revid):
        blog_item_name ='/', 1)[0]
            blog_item = Item.create(blog_item_name)
        except AccessDenied:
        if not isinstance(blog_item, Blog):
            # The parent item of this blog entry item is not a Blog item.
        return render_template('blog/entry.html',