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Clean up registry code. Quite some boilerplate codes were removed. The signature of several `_factory` and `Entry.__call__` were changed a bit as well to make things a bit more uniform.
author Cheer Xiao <>
date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 00:21:03 +0800
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# Copyright: 2008-2010 MoinMoin:BastianBlank
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

MoinMoin - Module registry

Every module registers a factory for itself at the registry with a given
priority.  During the lookup each factory is called with the given arguments and
can return a callable to consider itself as a match.

from collections import namedtuple

class RegistryBase(object):

    class Entry(namedtuple('Entry', 'factory priority')):
        def __call__(self, *args, **kw):
            return self.factory(*args, **kw)

        def __lt__(self, other):
            if isinstance(other, self.__class__):
                return self.priority < other.priority
            return NotImplemented

    def __init__(self):
        self._entries = []

    def __repr__(self):
        return '<{0}: {1!r}>'.format(self.__class__.__name__, self._entries)

    def get(self, *args, **kw):
        Lookup a matching module

        Each registered factory is called with the given arguments and
        the first matching wins.
        for entry in self._entries:
            conv = entry(*args, **kw)
            if conv is not None:
                return conv

    def _register(self, entry):
        if entry not in self._entries:
            entries = self._entries[:]
            for i in xrange(len(entries)):
                if entry < entries[i]:
                    entries.insert(i, entry)
            self._entries = entries

    def unregister(self, factory):
        Unregister a factory

        :param factory: Factory to unregister
        old_entries = self._entries
        entries = [i for i in old_entries if not i.factory is factory]
        if len(old_entries) == len(entries):
            # TODO: Is this necessary?
            raise ValueError
        self._entries = entries

class Registry(RegistryBase):
    def register(self, factory, priority=RegistryBase.PRIORITY_MIDDLE):
        Register a factory

        :param factory: Factory to register. Callable, have to return a class
        return self._register(self.Entry(factory, priority))