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date Sat, 07 May 2011 19:33:57 +0200
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# create a virtual environment in directory $DIR/
# needs: curl or wget, unzip, gzip, tar, pip


virtualenv --no-site-packages --python $PYTHON $DIR

source $DIR/bin/activate

    if test -x /usr/bin/curl
        echo /usr/bin/curl -L -o $1 $2
        /usr/bin/curl -L -o $1 $2
        # github redirects to a url where its cert does not match :(
        echo wget -nc --no-check-certificate -O $1 $2
        wget -nc --no-check-certificate -O $1 $2

# get some 3rd party stuff and unpack them into $DIR/, where the default
# expects them. should be replaced by packaging.
# we do this FIRST, so that breakage with pip install is better visible.

download $DIR/ckeditor.tgz
tar xz -C $DIR/ -f $DIR/ckeditor.tgz

download $DIR/twd.tgz
tar xz -C $DIR/ -f $DIR/twd.tgz

download $DIR/svgedit.tgz
tar xz -C $DIR/ -f $DIR/svgedit.tgz

mkdir $DIR/jquery.fu
download $DIR/jquery.fu/jquery.fileupload.js
download $DIR/jquery.fu/jquery.fileupload-ui.js
download $DIR/jquery.fu/jquery.fileupload-ui.css
download $DIR/jquery.fu/pbar-ani.gif

mkdir $DIR/jquery
download $DIR/jquery/jquery.min.js

download $DIR/
unzip -q -o -d $DIR/ $DIR/

AWDDIR='AnyWikiDraw 0.14'
download $DIR/ ''
unzip -q -o -d $DIR/ $DIR/
cd $DIR/
ln -s "$AWDDIR" AnyWikiDraw
cd ..

# first install babel, moin's will emit a warning if it is not there
pip install babel

# "install" moin2 from repo to the env, this will also install required python
# packages from pypi. we do this LAST, so that breakage is better visible.
pip install -e .

# compile the translations
python compile_catalog --statistics