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MoinMoin Supports You

Free Support
You can get free support and information here:

* on our chat channels, see
* on our wiki, see - please note that quite a lot of content
  there is about moin 1.x and does not apply to moin2. One page has a lot
  of information about moin2 and also links to all sorts of moin2 resources:
* on our mailing list, see
* on our issue tracker:
* from our repository:

.. note::
   All free support is done voluntarily by helpful MoinMoin community members.
   Thanks to everyone who is helping!

   If you enjoyed / want to enjoy free community support, please also consider
   being an active part of the community and also supporting it.

Commercial Support
As MoinMoin 2.0 is not released yet, there is no support for production
systems based on it.

If you want to talk about development topics, please contact the developers.

You Support MoinMoin

Like to help others?
Just stay connected to IRC, our wiki, the mailing list (see above) and help
others searching for support there.

Found a bug?
* File a bug report on the issue tracker on bitbucket.
* Even better: fix the bug, file a bug report and submit a patch and consider
  adding a unit test

Have an idea?
* Discuss it on IRC and file a feature request on bitbucket.
* Even better: discuss and write some Python code implementing it.

Born to code?
* Help to work on moin2 core, so it gets released sooner.
* Help to maintain moin 1.9 until moin2 is ready.

Loving UI / UX design?
* Help us make moin2 look and feel better!

Have good language or documentation skills?
* If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, with a good
  understanding of English, consider helping with improving translation to
  your language. **(not yet for moin2, too early!)** see also :doc:`translate`
* Improve the documentation (see below).
  Here is a list of all TODOs in this documentation:

.. todolist::