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 a while.
 It will also compile the translations (`*.po` files) to binary `*.mo` files.
-Note: in this special mode, it won't copy moin to the env/ directory, it will
-run everything from your work dir, so you can modify code and directly try it
-out (you only need to do this installation procedure once).
-After successfully installing, you can enter the virtual env and start moin by::
+Further, it will create a "moin" script for your platform which you can use
+for starting moin (the builtin server) or invoke moin script commands. It will
+be in the PATH, so just type "moin" on the shell / cmd.
- source env/bin/activate
- ./moin
+Note: in this special mode, it won't copy the MoinMoin code to the env/
+directory, it will run everything from your work dir, so you can modify code
+and directly try it out (you only need to do this installation procedure once).
-We activate that virtual environment, so moin will find all its dependencies
-and finally start the builtin server using the `moin` script.
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 It is not made for serving bigger loads, but it is easy to use.
-To start moin using the builtin web server, just run "moin".
-If you'ld like to see all subcommands and options of the moin command, use::
- $ ./moin help
- $ ./moin moin --help
+Entering the virtual env
+If you installed to a virtualenv, you need to activate it first, so it will
+find the moin script, the moin code and all its library dependencies::
- $ ./moin moin --config /srv/wiki/ --host --port 7777
+ source env/bin/activate  # for linux (or other posix OSes)
+ # or
+ call env\bin\activate  # for windows
-Use an absolute path for the!
+Running the builtin server
+Then you can run the moin builtin server by::
-.. todo::
+ moin
+ # or, if you need another ip/port:
+ moin moin --config /path/to/ --host --port 7777
-   add stuff above to man page and reference man page from here
+Now moin starts the builtin server and tries to locate the wiki configuration
+from (please use an absolute path):
+- commandline argument `--config /path/to/`
+- environment variable `MOINCFG=/path/to/`
+- current directory, file ``
+- current directory, file ``
+While the moin server is starting up, you will see some log output like::
+ 2011-03-06 23:35:11,445 INFO werkzeug:116  * Running on
+Now point your browser at that URL - your moin wiki is running!
+Stopping the builtin server
+To stop the wiki server, either use `Ctrl-C` or close the window.
 External Web Server (advanced)