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 If there are failure messages, see the troubleshooting section below.
-Typing 'm" will display a menu similar to::
+Typing "./m" (or "m" on Windows) will display a menu similar to::
-    usage: "m <target>" where <target> is:
+    usage: "./m <target>" where <target> is:
     quickinstall    update virtual environment with required packages
     docs            create moin html documentation
     extras          install OpenID, Pillow, pymongo, sqlalchemy, ldap,
-    interwiki       refresh contrib\interwiki\intermap.txt (hg version control)
+    interwiki       refresh contrib/interwiki/intermap.txt (hg version control)
     log <target>    view detailed log generated by <target>, omit to see list
     new-wiki        create empty wiki
     sample          create wiki and load sample data
-    restore *       create wiki and restore wiki\backup.moin *option, specify file
+    restore *       create wiki and restore wiki/backup.moin *option, specify file
     import <dir>    import a moin 1.9 wiki/data instance from <dir>
-    run             run built-in wiki server with local OS and logging options
+    run             run built-in wiki server
     backup *        roll 3 prior backups and create new backup *option, specify file
     css             run Stylus to update CSS files
     tests           run tests, output goes to pytest.txt and pytestpep8.txt
     coding-std      correct scripts that taint the repository with trailing spaces..
     api             update moin api docs (files are under hg version control)
-    dist            delete wiki data, then create distribution archive in /dist
+    dist            delete wiki data, then create distribution archive in dist/
     del-all         same as running the 4 del-* commands below
     del-orig        delete all files matching *.orig
@@ -94,12 +94,14 @@
 While most of the above menu choices may be executed now, new users should
- m sample
+ m sample   # in Windows
+ ./m sample # in Unix
 to create a wiki instance and load it with sample data. Next, run the
 built-in wiki server::
- m run
+ m run      # in Windows
+ ./m run    # in Unix
 As the server starts, about 20 log messages will be output to the
 terminal window.  Point your browser to, the