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 in the ``custom-less`` directory inside Basic theme's ``static`` directory.
 For instructions on how to set up server-side compilation of .less files refer to
-the "Server Side Usage - Installation" section at `LESS <>`_
+the "Server Side Usage - Installation" section at `LESS. <>`_
 Once installed, we can invoke the less compiler from the command line by using
-the following
+the following::
-    ``cd MoinMoin/themes/basic/static/custom-less;``
-    ``lessc basic.less ../css/basic.css;``
+    cd MoinMoin/themes/basic/static/custom-less
+    lessc basic.less ../css/basic.css
 For compiling ``basic.less`` we need to have the source .less files from Bootstrap. It is currently compatible with Bootstrap v3.0.0 RC2.
 You can download the source from `here <>`_ and copy the .less files