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    Above procedure doesn't work. Read below about a working procedure.
-.. todo::
-   show how to create an xml dump of all
+Full Backup / Restore
+Of course it is the best to have a **full** backup of your machine. That way,
+you can easily restore it to a working condition, even if things go severely
-.. todo::
+If you have full backups, you maybe don't need the rather selective backup
+procedure described below, because your full backup already includes everything
+you need.
-   show how to restore an xml dump of all
+Selective Backup
+If you just want a backup of moin and your data, backup these files:
+* your data (most important)
+* moin configuration (e.g.
+* logging configuration (e.g. logging.conf)
+* moin script (e.g. moin.wsgi)
+* web server configuration (e.g. apache virtualhost config)
+* optional: moin code + dependencies (at least you should know which
+  version you ran, so you can download and install that version when you
+  need to restore)
+To create a dump of all data stored in moin (wiki items, user profiles), do
+ moin maint_xml --save --file backup.xml
+Please note that backup.xml contains sensitive data (like user profiles, wiki
+contents). Wiki item revision data is stored encoded, but it is **not**
+encrypted, so store your backups at a safe place and make sure no unauthorized
+persons can access them.
+Selective Restore
+Restore all software and configuration files (see above) to their original
+place. Make sure your (empty) wiki works as expected and the moin version is
+the same as when you made the backup.
+To load the xml dump into your empty wiki, do this::
+ moin maint_xml --load --file backup.xml
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 Found a bug?
-* File a bug report on the wiki.
+* File a bug report on the issue tracker (on bitbucket).
 * Even better: fix the bug, file a bug report and submit a patch (consider
   adding a unit test)