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 directory, it will run everything from your work dir, so you can modify code
 and directly try it out (you only need to do this installation procedure once).
+Installing PIL
+For some image processing functions (like resizing, rotating) of moin, you
+need PIL (Python Imaging Library). If you install it with pip, it'll try to
+find some jpeg support library and development headers on your system and
+in case you don't have that, there will be no jpeg support in PIL.
+So, if you want jpeg support, make sure you have the jpeg libs/headers::
+ # install jpeg library and dev. headers (ubuntu / debian)
+ sudo apt-get install libjpeg62-dev
+Now install PIL into your virtual environment::
+ # enter your virtual environment:
+ source env/bin/activate
+ # install Python Imaging Library:
+ pip install pil
 If you have a bad or limited network connection, you may run into trouble