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text_x_arnica: fixed doc strings
author Reimar Bauer <rb.proj AT googlemail DOT com>
date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 11:14:00 +0200
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--- a/data/plugin/parser/	Mon Jun 30 11:05:06 2008 +0200
+++ b/data/plugin/parser/	Mon Jun 30 11:14:00 2008 +0200
@@ -137,27 +137,24 @@
                     thumbnail_width=wikiutil.UnitArgument('128', float, ['px', ], defaultunit='px'),
                     webnail_width=wikiutil.UnitArgument('640', float, ['px', ], defaultunit='px')):
     """ dummy macro to initialize all default parameters for arnica. The definition is checked for wrong input.
-    @param target_page: page to read attachments from
+    @param target_page: page to read attachments from. empty pagename is current page
     @param columns: number of columns for thumbnails
     @param file_regex: regex to select images
     @param image_for_webnail if set then the image is shown instead of the webnail
     @param show_text: default shows description
     @param show_date: default shows date from exif header if available
-    @param show_tools: default disables icon toolbar
+    @param show_tools: default shows not icon toolbar
     @param sort_by_name: default sorts images by name,
-    @param sort_by_date: if set to images are sorted to the modification time
-    @param sort_by_alias: if set and also only_items is True it is used to order the images
-                          by the alias name
+    @param sort_by_date: if set sorts images by the modification time
+    @param sort_by_alias: if set sorts images by the alias name, this needs also only_items enabled
     @param reverse_sort: if set the file list is reverse sorted
     @param only_items: if set only images which are described in listitem are shown, e.g.
                        * [[image1.jpg|alias]]
                        * [[image2.jpg|alias]]
     @param template_itemlist: if set an item list is shown which could be copied into the wiki page
-    @param album: if set only the first thumbnail image or if used thumbnail
-                  from album_image of series is shown but slideshow over all images
+    @param album: if set selects album mode, only thumbnail from first image is shown, related is album title and album_image
     @param album_title: default is pagename of the images for the album.
-    @param album_image:  Useful for album.  default is ''. The first image is shown in front
-                         of the album and slideshow.
+    @param album_image: image to show on album default is the first image 
     @param renew: if set then all selected thumbnails_* and webnails_* are removed
                   and will be recreated
     @param thumbnail_width: default width of thumbnails is 128px